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Francesca: "We need funds for genetic analysis"

The manager Francesca Clementi on "Il Corriere Adriatico", 4 January 2023.

Katia: "I'll tell you about my life with a rare tumor"

by Maria Teresa Bradascio with an interview with Katia Neri, from "La Repubblica", 13 February 2020. Katia passed away on 30 October 2021.

by Anna Capraro, publisher.


The book can be purchased on Amazon for € 5.73. The authors' rights will be devolved to APIC.

The response Response: COLANGIOCARCINOMA ... a search on the internet ... the frost ... the frost in the blood that the fear and pain of ...

I am Mirella, I am 51 years old and 6 years ago, this long battle against this ugly tumor began. After abdominal colic and ...

Tell us your story

If you have or have had cholangiocarcinoma, or if you know or are caring for people who have or  they had it, tell us your story. This can help doctors and patients to learn about this cancer and to better cope with this challenge.

Thank you for your story. We will soon publish it on our website!

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