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Mom Mimma

Domenica Schillaci in un vestito nero, con una collana di perle al collo.

The mother, Domenica Schillaci, known as Mimma, a 38-year-old Sicilian woman and her beloved husband decided to move to Casentino to give a better future to their two children, Giuseppe and Maria (her life).  


Mimma didn't like living in Casentino, she missed her beautiful city, Palermo.  But slowly she settled in, she saw that her children were fine, they had their friendships and her husband a good job.  She has dedicated herself body and soul to her family.  When she was a girl she was a seamstress and she liked her a lot, but when she got married she had stopped.  When we arrived in Casentino her father gave her the sewing machine and she slowly made repairs, hems, etc. for the neighbors and sewed skirts for me.  In 2007 the first grandson, Francesco, his “Chicchino” arrived.  Later Sofia, Gabriele and Giacomo arrived.  She was happy, she lacked nothing, married children and happy grandchildren.  They had bought a house.  All perfect.  When she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2010.  A bolt from the blue for us.  In 2016 the disease worsened, she lost her speech and spent her days in bed for four years.  On 11 December 2020 an indescribable pain goes away forever.  During her illness she was always looked after, at home, by her father Gaetano: he was her permanent caregiver, he knew her and noticed all even the slightest changes.  What to say?  A simple and beautiful woman, sunny, in love with her family she lived for. 
Some of my fondest memories of her mum singing.  Mom sang well and I always asked her to do it.  I liked it when she sang ... she laughed ... and it did me good.  His favorite song was Red Roses for You by Massimo Ranieri.  He sang it very well.

We decided to make a donation in her memory to APIC, an association we know through Mirella, my colleague and friend, a “fantastic woman”.

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