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MICHELA, daughter of Bruna ...

The response


Response: COLANGIOCARCINOMA ... a search on the internet ... the frost ..


The chill in the blood that fear and pain give you in the face of the risk of no longer having what, for you, is very important: your mother.


We (such mother such daughter) will do our best and, with the help and excellent professionalism of the entire staff of the Policlinico S. Orsola in Bologna to whom our infinite thanks go, we will fight to defeat "evil".


My mom has been suffering from colic and digestive problems for some time, and in 2014 the suspicion arose during an ultrasound checkup, confirmed by more in-depth tests: cholangiocarcinoma.


Brief history:

-2014 Right hepatectomy, cholecystomy and left lobe hepatic wedge resection (EI: cholangiocarcinoma G3) with related adjuvant chemotherapy for 6 months.

-2016 Removal of infonodal paracaval recurrence (EI: lymph node metastasis from hepato-cholangiocarcinoma G3) G3) with relative adjuvant chemotherapy for 6 months.

-2019 Removal of recurrence in the diaphragmatic peritoneum and omental nodule (EI: lymph node metastasis from G3 hepato-cholangiocarcinoma) with relative adjuvant chemotherapy for 6 months.


Today my mother is 76 years old, well worn, and she is preparing for the fourth time to fight this battle with a new surgery.


We are all tested in the family, especially her of course who since that damned day has been struggling with operations, checks and treatments that have radically changed the lives of all of us. Once again, however, we can work to try to eliminate or stem the evil and continue to live always in the best way.


Michela, daughter of Bruna

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