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G.I.Co. (Italian Cholangiocarcinoma Research Group) is a nonprofit scientific association, founded in Bologna in 2015, bringing together the best clinical groups in Italy with experience in managing biliary tract cancers.

The founder is prof. Giovanni Brandi (Bologna University), who was the president for five years. Since January 1, 2021 the President is Lorenzo Fornaro M.D., Medical Oncology Director, Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Pisana. 

The aims of G.I Co. are:

  • promotion of studies on biliary tract neoplasms and publication of forthcoming results:

  • organization of scientific events and initiatives with educational purposes;

  • collection of data to formulate strategies to optimize clinical health management;

  • management coordination in the field of health care of biliary tract neoplasms.

To achieve these goals, the G.I.Co. is committed to:


  • stimulate initiatives aimed at disseminating the fundamental knowledge acquired in the field of biliary tract cancers, through the design and editing of brochures, fact sheets, film media, and educational films, to create an awareness of the need for adequate primary and secondary prevention;

  • participate in the organization of cycles of conferences for the benefit of the public, and training courses for medical, nursing, and administrative personnel;

  • act as an intermediary and point of reference between professionals interested in the field of biliary tract tumors, to promote the optimization, from a technical and professional point of view, of the relations in the area of health care;

  • build collaborative relationships with public and private entities, and contribute to the formulation of projects in the medical and health fields, or undertake them solely;

  • encourage and undertake, directly or indirectly, specific research activities and projects in the field of neoplasms of the biliary tract and related areas;

  • procure the means and instruments necessary to pursue its aims by acting alone or in consultation with other associations or public and private bodies.

Lastly, the G.I.Co. aims to maintain close permanent relations with l’Associazione Pazienti Italiani di Colangiocarcinoma (APIC), with whom it shares many goals.

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