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Logo dell'Istituto Clinico Humanitas, ICH.
Specialties and referents

- Hepatology, Prof Ana Lleo, Prof Alessio Aghemo

- Media Oncology, Prof Lorenza Rimassa, Dr Nicola Personeni

- Interventional Radiology, Dr Vittorio Pedicini, Dr Dario Poretti

- Ressective Surgery (no transplant), Prof Guido Torzilli, Prof Matteo Donadon

- Radiotherapy, Prof Marta Scorsetti, Dr Tiziana Comito

- Endoscopy, Dr Silvia Carrara, Dr Alessandro Fugazza

- Pathological Anatomy, Prof Luigi Terracciano, Prof Luca Di Tommaso

Other activities we carry out  / we have

- Weekly multidisciplinary consultations

- Clinical trials: Yes, in all stages of disease, from laboratory to advanced disease, for the clinical part, clinical studies from phase 1 to phase 3

- Research laboratory on hepato-biliary pathology

- Biobank
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