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Mauro Marchesi

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In memory of Mauro Marchesi, a mechanic from Bologna, the boys of the Villa Celeste beach collected during the racket tournament a sum that his wife Silvia and daughters Eleonora and Francesca turned over to Apic for research on cholangiocarcinoma.

Mauro Marchesi, an affectionate father and son husband, known to all, was commemorated a few months after his death, which took place on 11 April 2020, on the beach of Villa Celeste, where he had  spent his summers and especially the last one, during which his malaise began, with a tournament of  his favorite sport, rackets.  Nobody thought, last summer, that he would not see him again: he fought with a disease, for which it was thought innumerable progress had been made, imagining a good outcome because so many advances have been made in cancer research.  He, however, at the age of 57, had no escape.  'Dad,' his daughters describe him, 'was a wonderful man, always cheerful, who loved to joke and whom one could not help but love - a great man!  It has left a mark on the hearts of so many people who now cannot help but feel its absence. "  We thank all family and friends for choosing to donate funds to research.  The purpose of donors is to give some hope to those who suffer, raising funds for research is a central mission of our Association to increase the foundations of that hope.

Marchesi 2021
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